Target device A has to send a disconnect message

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If target device A has to send a DISCONNECT message after receiving 32 bytes of the 64-byte burst phase while the write cycle is on (due to its receive buffer size constraints), then what happens to the other 32-bytes that is awaiting a transfer?

Will it re-acquire the bus and wait till the device comes back? 

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Target device A has to send a disconnect message


Hallo Jimit,

Just my thought, if the device you are referring to is for instance that is connected to the internet, then something happens which leads to disconnection on the internet connection then your bundle that was not used will still remain intact. Unless you are using a device for which the bundle is charged in a fixed span of time, for instance a day which will imply that if the day ends the bundle ends not considering whether you used it or not, then the bundle that you did not use should be there.

You only get to be charged for the time when the connection was up and there is a communication between your device and other device that you are exchanging packets with.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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