Tally cannot import file TrialBalance

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Hi there,

I tried to import some files in Tally and I had these messages. The XLS files are good and are not corrupted and also the program is asking for update. The website is not working and I have the latest version of Tally. Can anyone help me please to solve this ? Can you tell me more about this and how can I avoid this in the future ?

Thank you experts !

Import of Master Information

(Only Tally (XLS) Format is Supported)

Import File Name (XLS) : C:KiranTDLAccountsGuruMasters.Xls

Import Sheet Name: TrialBalance


Incompatible version!!!

Kindly download New Version from AccountsGuru website

(press any key)

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Tally cannot import file TrialBalance


It seems like the file you are importing to Tally was from a newer version and is not compatible with the program. It wants you to download the latest version from the AccountsGuru website. So, to fix the problem with the importing of the file Masters.XLS, you need to update Tally to the latest version. This problem happens because your XLS file was created using a much newer version of the program.

Importing of the file to a much older application will be incompatible. If the application is old or is not the latest version, it doesn’t have the ability to open files that were created using a much newer version of the application. Programs or applications are backward compatible. It means it can open files created using the same version of the program and older.

To fix the problem, download the latest version of Tally or whatever program it is you are using from the AccountsGuru website and then import Masters.xls.

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