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T-Mobile protest Verizon’s plan to buy spectrum from cable companies in order to spread out their bandwidth capabilities. What is spectrum and how spectrum helps to expand bandwidth capabilities?

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Spectrum, or frequency spectrum is the amount of frequency band allocated to a TV, Radio, or Telecom operators, it is controlled by the government regulator, this last will be in charge of distributing the spectrum among all the users (TV, Radio, Sat, Military…).

The rules of physics stats that if you are sending information over a frequency band, the amount of data that you can send in a fixed amount of time will be depending on the amount of frequency band that you are using, in other words, the number of kbps that you can send depend on the frequency band you are using in addition to some other parameters such as the coding.

To make it simpler:

 The GSM 2G uses 0.2 MHz frequency carrier-->low bandwidth and data rate

The UMTS 3G use 5 MHz frequency carrier-->Medium bandwidth and data rate

The LTE 4G use 20 MHz frequency carrier-->High bandwidth and data rate

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