System found unstable unser IntelBurn Test

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I have been trying to set the offset values but I am in confusion.

I ran an intelburn test at maximum stress with the following settings:

CPU Level Up – 4.6G
AI Overclock Tuner – X.M.P
Set Vcore LLC – 75%
Set Vcore Phase Control – Optimized.
CPU voltage to Manual Mode.
Internal PLL Overvoltage – Disabled as it was recommended to solve issues when computer wakes up from sleep.

For 100% load testing I ran 30 second intelburn test at maximum stress. I had to use CoreTemp for the VID under 100% load which showed 1.356v as the RealTemp no longer shows VID for my CPU. CPU-z shows core voltage under 100% load at 1.352v which now is a difference of + 0.0041v

I suppose I might be wrong but I am not sure. But as to what I know, to be able to use an offset value, the minimum is 0.005v.

I took a punt & set the offset to +0.005v & loaded the CPU to 100%. CPU-Z gave me an idle core voltage of 1.008v & at 100% load 1.368v.

Ok, so the volts are heading north. I went back in & used a – offset of 0.005 loaded the CPU to 100%. CPU-Z gave me an idle core voltage of 1.000v & at 100% load 1.352v.

I had worked my down to an offset of – 0.085 and loaded the CPU to 100%. CPU-Z gave me an idle core voltage of 0.085v & at 100% load 1.296v

I ran IBT at maximum stress & had it set for 10 runs, after 30 minutes & in its 3rd run I got the following error:

IntelBurnTest - Critical Error

WARNING! Your system was found to be unstable under IntelBurnTest! Please check your cooling system and/or lower your overclock! You may or may not encounter instability while working with other programs, but failing this test indicates that your CPU cannot maintain stability (produce correct results) in all situations!

Test executed for 1884.76 seconds.


I have searched a lot for the solution but I couldn’t succeed.

Can anyone please tell me how far should I go using an offset value?

Your suggestions are required in fixing the issue.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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System found unstable unser IntelBurn Test


    So your system was found unstable during the Intel burn test. Mine was fine! 🙂

The problem seems to be caused because of your manual control of the CPU voltage. The Intel burn test is designed to take the PC to its limits and in such cases the voltage can become insufficient. Please try to make the power control manual and try again. If it still gives an error and says that your PC is unstable than there is nothing wrong in admitting that it is.

Perhaps its time for you to get is stabilized by some hardware professional.

Hope you got your answer! 🙂

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System found unstable unser IntelBurn Test


The offset values set by you seems to be fine. It does look that you have problem in the cooling system of your CPU. This is a serious problem. If you will lower the offset value then the load and specification testing will not be accurate and your cooling system problem might go unnoticed. Would you like this to happen? Never. I feel, it is the time to call an hardware expert immediately so that he can check your cooling system. If you will not do that then that might affect motherboard and directly the processor. That will be a huge loss. Get it checked immediately.

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