System error: 1814 has occurred message

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I borrowed my daughter’s laptop to view and send emails.  

However, while I was at it, this error message popped up. 

It said something about Ad-Aware 2007 and that System error: 1814 has occurred.  

I was not the techie and I couldn’t call my daughter since she was in school. 

I searched for some forums on how to resolve the error but I was a bit confused. 

Can anyone help us with this error? 

Also, can you provide alternatives if the first resolution won’t work? 

Thanks in advance.

LAVASOFT Ad-Aware 2007

System error: 1814 has occurred. Description: Could not login to the service. Are you running the application as another user?

Application terminates.

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System error: 1814 has occurred message


Maybe you are running Windows or you are logged in as a different user in Windows and not as administrator. It is possible to resolve this problem if you log in as administrator.

But if you are using the administrator rights and this error appears, maybe you have a connection problem. It is either you have an internet connection problem or the application is accessing a very busy server and its request can not be accommodated during the session. The problem is only temporary if this is the case.

I think Ad-Aware 2007 requires an active internet connection which means the computer must be permanently connected to the internet to use it. Otherwise, the application won’t start.

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