Stupid User Exception Are you stupid user?

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At times, I am troubled with the following message. Then I couldn’t help admitting it.

It is specially the case with wrong users.

The Error massage says:

Stupid User Exception

Are you stupid user?”

I need to know how to solve this.

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Stupid User Exception Are you stupid user?



Dear Isabellartd

I have read your question carefully and I understand that you are receiving a strange error message that you need help with so that you can prevent it from showing.

Also the category of your questions is software others, so I suppose there is a kind of software that Is causing this error, but you didn’t mention what is the kind of this software and when exactly does this error appears to you, how many times does this error happen to you, software could generate lots of errors due to many reasons, so you need to check the following:

1-      Make a full computer scan with your antivirus

2-      If you downloaded or purchased this software try reinstalling it if you can and installing it, or just download it from the internet again

3-      Sometimes uninstalling and installing a program fix a corrupted file that is causing the error.

To reinstall the software

On your computer go to start menu then control panel, all the programs downloaded or purchased that you can uninstall will appear to you, then choose the program and uninstall it, restart the computer, download your program again.

 If you can’t reinstall the program for any reason, kindly send us the software name, version, when exactly does this error occur and how many times and we will gladly help you.

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Stupid User Exception Are you stupid user?



There should be a virus infection in your computer. The virus has already affected with computer system files and that’s why you are receive the messages like above. Just by seeing the message we cannot tell how strong the virus is or what damages it can cause. You should definitely take an action soon to get rid of the virus. Try below options.

Check the restore points and restore your computer to an earlier state where you think the virus is not yet activated.

   If you have a virus guard installed, perform a full computer scan. With that said I suspect your virus guard might not catch the virus because if it does it should already have done so.

If still you are unable to remove the virus last option would be to format your computer system since we don’t know what damages the virus can cause.

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