Step by step tutorial in blocking anonymizer sites

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I have  a website where users can read different articles and freely post their comments and reactions on the material they read. but there are some of those, who posts aggressive messages and even post ads that results in flooding and spamming the site with nonsense. I had blocked some of them with there ip's but there are those who keeps returning by changing and hiding the ip's using anonymizer service. I want to know if blocking anonymizer sites are possible, if so how?

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Step by step tutorial in blocking anonymizer sites


If you have to block proxy servers via their stated domain name, it is more beneficial and efficient to block proxy servers.

By blacklisting the different HTTP protocols using by proxy servers, it is possible to block basically all proxy connections.

Here is the code that will stop more of the proxies that attempt to access certain sites:

To block proxy servers from site access

Copy & paste into your site’s root htaccess file.

Upload it to your server, and test its efficiency via the proxy service of your choice.

Hope this will work for you.

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