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My brother bought Zbrush 4R4 WIN Single User License as his sculpting tool. He told me that in Zbrush stl format could be exported. But since he is new to it, he could not figure out how to do it. Could you please provide us step-by-step procedures on how to do it? Thanks!

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Hello Julie M Moore,

I am confirmed about your problem. I am giving some outlines to solve it.

  • You can use 3D printer Exporter to export your Zbrush file which has the features
  • It can export in STL ,Binary and Ascii  Unicode
  • It offers to export in VRML.
  • The exported page will be measured as inches and millimeters
  • Export the current and all the SubTools

You can download Zbrush user guide to learn details step by step

Best Wishes

Shifflett Laurel