Starting Over to organize mail folders

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Hi guys,

I have recently begun fresh job where I found the windows outlook got messed up. I want to make everything clear nicely but I do not have any idea from where I should start first.

For sure there is one gmail address where overall whole email comes. Though, there are 2 account in outlook: [email protected] and [email protected](1). No 1 a POP/SMTP and No 2 a IMAP/SMTP. Is it a good idea to own two different accounts for similar address?

Besides, there are numerous numbers of folders and these simply make me puzzle the matter. One folder should be there in which it has to be recorded like the all incoming and outgoing mails.  I saw that few mails coming into a folder but not another one. In fact, I find difficulty while check out the whole folder as the thing must be remaining in a single folder. That’s recklessly confusing as something coming to a folder whereas not in the another so the question arises that  does it occur for setting up system of those accounts?. Having two accounts for the similar mail id my assumption regarding emails that they are surely handled as different but I have no idea why.

Is it ok if I copies all the previous files and saves them by organizing them as there is nothing to lose in the new one as I will save all but the fact is what would other employees be thinking about having two “Personal Folders” in organizing the folders.

It is highly expected who is expert in this can really help me out to solve this massacre situation.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Starting Over to organize mail folders


Ok fine, 

In this instance if you want all emails are received into one personal folder, you can go to settings and direct the second email address's receiving location to the selected personal folder. Once it is done all your incoming mails will received to the default personal folder. 

In any case, if you want to create a track on what emails you have received to secondary email address, you can create a rule to assign those emails in to a particular category where you can easily sort those emails in one click.

Hope the above solution would help you in organizing your inbox in a very efficient and attractive way than current.


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Starting Over to organize mail folders



It is very good idea to configure a single email address two times in MS outlook. When you configure GMAIL as pop service, many emails are routed to different folders other than Inbox. Since these folders are not here, you are unable to see these messages. These messages are always there in GMAIL folders. One more thing, when you will send the email with IMAP settings. It will give you an option to choose sent item folder.

* If you used the same folder. The copy of sent email will be present in only local sent items, not in GMAIL sent item.

 * If you created a new folder to keep sent item. The email sent from IMAP will be stored in this folder. And the pop account has separate sent items.

Now it’s up to you that what option you choose. I would suggest you to use IMAP for GMAIL. You can use the same sent items folder, or create a new folder for sending items. A copy of sent item will be always there in your GMAIL account and there would be no confusion with the received emails. Moreover setting this option will give you more flexibility. You can turn on or off, any folder from GMAIL.

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