Stack Builder 3.0.0 error during the install of the program

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Hi there,

During the install of Stack Builder this error appeared. I try to install a new updated version and it seems like this error stops me. With the older version I never experienced any type of error and now I cannot install it again. Can anyone help me please to fix this one ? What is the main cause that I cannot install this new version of Blue Stack ?

Thank you !

Stack Builder Error

Failed to open the application list:


Error: The URL specified could not be opened.


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Stack Builder 3.0.0 error during the install of the program


I think you need to check your computer’s internet connection when doing the installation. If you are installing Stack Builder 3.0.0, make sure you have an active internet connection because the installer is trying to open the XML file from a remote server that’s why you cannot stay offline during the installation. The XML file contains the list of files that are needed for the installation and the installation cannot continue without the list.

I think this is only a minor problem related to connection and can be fixed after connecting the computer to the internet. If you are in the middle of the installation, cancel the entire operation and then check your computer’s internet connection. Open your web browser then try opening a website. If you have an internet connection, you should be able to open a website.

If there is a problem in the connection, check the network cable at the back of your CPU. Disconnect the network cable from the port and then plug it in again. If you are using a wireless internet such as 3G or 4G wireless broadband, make sure your current location receives good signal. If you have a poor signal reception, transfer to a different location if you are using a laptop to improve the connection.

If you are using a desktop PC and you cannot move the machine to a different location, you can use a USB extension cable to extend the reach of your 3G or 4G mobile broadband stick. Using the USB extension cable, you can put or hang the mobile broadband stick near a window and it will improve the signal reception especially the speed. See image.

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