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I want to draw a square and write a letter on it in MS word and also want to add a picture. And must draw the boundary in red line. How can I do this?

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This is easy with MS word since it support for the most of the basic drawing. I assume you are using MS word 2007. Please follow the following steps to draw square.

When you go to MS word user interface you can see several ribbons in the bottom of the window.  Those are Home, Insert, and Page Layout so on.

You have to go to the Insert ribbon and in the illustration block you can see shapes and click that.

Then it will show number of shapes to draw. Just select the square and draw it by dragging the mouse on the page.

Right click and select add text to add texts in to your square.

Then right click again and select Format Auto shape. Now you can give red as the color of the line to make the border red.

Click Fill Effect button and go to Picture tab to add a picture.

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You can follow the following steps;

In your word document, 

  1. Select Insert 
  2. Shapes
  3. Basic Shapes
  4. Click on Rectangle and Adjust it by dragging at the corners to make it into a perfect square
  5. Select the shape and by rightclicking select Format Autoshape
  6. Choose colors and lines to change color of line. You can also change layout to behind text so that it cannot interfere with the other text in the document.
  7. Select the shape again and by rightclicking on it, choose add text to enable you to write on the shape. At this point, with the cursor inside your square, you can add picture by clicking on inset picture and select your picture. You can write your letter know in the square which is know selectable after the add text procedure.

Hope this was helpful.