Spelling Check is not Working on Eudora Mail Client

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So far I have used two mail clients. One is Outlook Express and another one is Eudora which I am currently using. Previously, I was using Outlook Express and due to face some technical errors I transferred into Eudora.  I think that Eudora is a strong and secured mail client and enjoying great service.

But the spelling check option is not working from this morning. The spell check option is still there in the tools menu. As a part of try I do uninstall the program and reinstall it again. I get back the spell check error option and it was also working but only for one hour. After 1 hour of normal service, it vanished again.

Please help me.

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Spelling Check is not Working on Eudora Mail Client


Hi Hopkins,

Spell Checker in Eudora is one great tool. It checks the spelling as you type the word. This Spell Check tool can be turned on or off.  It can be the cause why it is not working on your end. To enable spell check please follow the steps below:

  1. Select on Tools then Options.
  2. Go to Spell Checking category
  3. Be sure to have the Spell check enabled
  4. Click on OK button

Also, please make sure that you have the required dictionaries in your Program Directory. There will be a .tlx and a .clx file for each dictionary.

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Spelling Check is not Working on Eudora Mail Client



This problem might be due to conflict between two versions of Eudora. Sometime it happens when we don’t remove the old version and download the new version. Thus due to the presence of two versions such types of problems may occur. Try the following options:

  1. You first need to delete the old version and afterward again download new version of Eudora.
  2. Secondly this problem can also be resolved by rebooting your PC.
  3. Before downloading new version of Eudora, you must use PC cleaner.

Try these options; hope your problem will be resolved.


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