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Hallo Gamers!

I am still a novice in J2ME game programming. I have followed some samples provided in Netbeans and they have proved very useful. At the moment, I am looking for source code J2ME game Netbeans to provide me with some further guidance on game programming. I need this for my final project in school. I really appreciate.

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Hello Joycedparker.

There are quite a number of websites which have J2ME gaming source code. You however need to be a bit comfortable with the coding part for you to fully comprehend how the code is flowing for a given file.

This is a site where you can get a good number J2ME source codes.

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Greetings Joycedparker!

If you are looking for samples of J2ME game programming then there are many sites which offers free download of its source code for J2ME game programming. Click this link to see the list of games they provide for J2ME game programming. Here is the link.

I hope I had helped you on your problem. Enjoy!