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If Sony Tablet S gets the Ice Cream Sandwich, what are the new apps that will make this tablet different from other tablets in the market?

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There is a stylish feature called the "Small Apps" which is presently available on the Calculator, Remote Control Apps and your Browser. Instead of opening your applications in full screen mode, you can be able to open it on the small window on top of the application that you're running already - preferably like a desktop application. You can also move the window anywhere on your screen and slide it wherever you like. 

Users need to see the Sony Tablet S updates that pops up to notify them, giving a set of new features like the following:

Improved lock screen

  • Straight access to the Notifications
  • Unlock feature straight to camera

Added panorama mode on camera

Improved gallery media viewer

  • Straight SD card access and tools for editing pictures

Limited "Small Apps" for multi-tasking

  • Calculator, Remote Control and Browser
  • Can move to the sides of the screen for less clutter

Added Home Screen feature

  • Can drag icons at the same time for creating folders
  • Customize the folder names

Improved web browser

  • Swap between mobile and desktop websites
  • Save webpages to view it while in offline mode

Access your files straight from your SD card

Instinctive screenshot capture

  • Access the power and volume

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Really that’s a surprising feature or implements in android market form the Sony Company. Their new feature for the Sony tablet S makes hot again tablet market. That’s a sweet achievement for the manufacturing company of Sony Tablet S. Everybody can able to update their tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich by use internet which is already launched for air update.

There have a lot of exclusive feature which are included by the Sony Company.

They added feature for lock or freeze screen in that Ice Cream Sandwich of that Sony tablet S. There have more attractive feature on it.