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Scenario: Mouse and/or keyboard not working after deleting entries in the window registry (regedit) to fix CD/DVD problem (upper and lower Filters)

Reason: There are three entries upper and lower in the registry. The first entry is for the CD ROM. This is the only entry you will need to delete in order for your drive to work. 

The second entry is for the keyboard and mouse and you should not delete it or mouse/keyboard will not work at the next restart.

System restore can do the trick but obviously you cannot do it because your keyboard and or/mouse is not working.

You can try this method instead: Restart your computer and before the Windows XP logo shows, repeatedly press F8. Choose

Last Known Good configuration.

Or If the above method don't work. You will need use a bootcd that is capable of navigating the registry. One example is UBCDwin

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Kishan000011, I think you have just given a solution to your own question. The registry entries need to remain intact in order for the computer to function normally.

The second entry, HKEY_CURRENT_USER is the one for the keyboard and if you delete, it is possible the keyboard won't work as you have just mentioned.

The same applies to the third entry, which is of the mouse, printers and other software.

The best way to solve this, as you have stated:

Restore the system to before the entries were deleted (you need to know the time and date) and set to last known good configuration as shown;
Once you choose and confirm your restore point, the system will be restored and you can restart your system for changes to take effect.

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The problem will be solved by doing a System Restore. You can do system restore in the follwong way. 

1. Click Start. 

2. Go to Accessories. 

3. Click System > System Restore.  

Click System Restore. It will do a system restore and your problem should be resolved. 

" launching system restore will be great to solve this issue"

Now if the problem still exists, then you should re-install windows.