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Laptop screens vibrating constantly when it is used, especially when used  to browse the internet and running java script animation in Mozilla web browser. How to make this solution?

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You can go through the following points to recover the problem of vibration of screens of your Laptop:

1. This may happen for excessive temperature of your Laptop. Dust is one of the reasons of overheating. You can take necessary steps to remove dust from motherboard and other instruments. You can also check heat sink whether joint or loose.

2. You can check if there is any loose connection with the components of the Laptop i.e. Graphics Card or others.

3. You can ensure the good health of your Graphics Card. For this purpose you can use a separate monitor to verify the Graphics Card.

4. Also ensure there is no magnetic field effect on your Laptop. You can change location of your Laptop.

I hope you understand it.


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If you think the screen of your laptop is vibrating when using it, check it again. There is nothing on the screen or inside it that will make it vibrate. The laptop screen only contains the circuit board, the LCD device for displaying the images, and wirings. It doesn’t have a cooling fan that will cause the vibration. I suspect the vibration on your laptop doesn’t come from the display rather from the body.

The body of the laptop contains the CPU, hard drive, memory card, video card, and the soundcard. The temperature of the CPU or the processor is controlled or maintained by a cooling fan and it’s the same with the graphics adapter. It is possible that one or both of these cooling fans causes the vibration and is very noticeable on the screen.

There is nothing on the laptop that I know of that can create strong vibration and can make the LCD shake other than the cooling fans. Try bringing the laptop to a computer shop and ask them to replace the cooling fans.

Sharath Reddy