Software update error – MacBook Pro

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Hi TechyV buddies!

I am having some trouble updating my Mac Pro. It is almost two months now since I updated My Mac pro. It seems that all the updates needed are downloaded already, however, when I start to install them. I always encounter n error. Every time I install the updates and restart it for updates to take effect, an error message appears, saying this:

“Unexpected error”

It tells something about my unsuccessful updates. This has been running for two months already which means that my updates have increased and it continuous to grow bigger if not solved. Can you help me configure the problem of my Mac Pro? Thank you!

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Software update error – MacBook Pro



Dear User,

This problem could happen when you have changed anything in the layout of your files. Such as moving part of the system to another partition.

But however you can try this fix

Boot your Macpro in safe mood and try to run software update from there.

Press shift key down at startup. To go to safe mood.

Thank you

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Software update error – MacBook Pro



 This error is occurring because you have major bug in your MAC operating system and you told that you have two times install but has same issue Because when you are again installing so you are not permanently edit your bios setting so that is why it is crashing again Thanks

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