Software for Basic Web Programming

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Good day guys!

Im an Information Technology student and I have been planning to practice web programming.

What would be the best application software that I could use for basic php and html programming..?

Does it also support web designing on the application..? I would really prefer user-friendly softwares.

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Software for Basic Web Programming


Hello Keithotzkie.

You will need a web server for testing you php and html codes.

For the web server, I suggest you download and install XAMPP (  XAMPP will give you a preconfigured Apache web server with php modules enabled.  It will also have MySQL running.  Everything will be set up for you after installation.

For coding php and html, a simple text editor will do.  You could try Notepad++ ( with its syntax highlighting enabled to help you in coding.  If you prefer a WYSIWYG IDE, try Kompozer (

By the way, all the software suggested above are free to download and use.

Good luck!

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Software for Basic Web Programming


You can use the following software for creating your site, modify graphics, transfer files, and more:

1. Note TabPro – This is One of the fastest text editor that supports HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript and more. This is also a replacement for Notepad.

2. WS_FTP Pro – This will let you move files from local machine to web server. This will let you transfer your files through FTP, SSL, SSH and HTTP/S Transfer Protocols.

3. PuTTY – A free tool for operating Telnet and SSH for Windows and Linux platforms.

4. Dreamweaver – This tool will let you design visually and directly inside the code.

5. PaintShop Pro – It lets you import, modify and share your pictures even without knowledge in graphic designs.

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