Smart phones storage problems on phone and sd card

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Why is it ,that every time Google or Android decided to automatically update an application on my phone, my phone displays a "phone space/storage is getting low" and "text message rejected due to full inbox"?

This happens almost everyday and every time I have to delete one or two application. This is getting very frustrating because I have 839 MB available space on my SD card and 39.16 MB internal phone storage

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Smart phones storage problems on phone and sd card


It could be because of three major reason

The very First reason is you may have an upgraded Sd card(that mean your Sb card has  made from lower capacity or memory card) if it is the case then you may need to change your card because  Google or android only calculate real capacity

.Second reason could be your device has some virus which has been generating some temp files and that is using your memory space in this case you should get a very good antivirus 

Third thing may be you do have some unexpected file with out your concern and that is being using your memory space in that case you need to find that files and delete that.

If none of that works for you then you card is spoiled you need to change that


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