Smart phone smart phone wanted

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Hey there, I want to buy a Smart phone But not sure which one to buy? Can anyone help me select the best Smartphone? And why is it the best?


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Smart phone smart phone wanted


Hello Dean,

There are so many Smart phones on the market but the best would be Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
The Samsung Galaxy nexus Comes with a package of (300$ with a contract of 2 years.)

The features of Samsung Galaxy Nexus are the following:

First of all it's outside look which is very glossy and very Designed.
Its full Touch screen Strong Data speeds and all of ICE cream Sandwich Goodies.
And now for  it's performance. This Particular Smart phone(the galaxy Nexus) is powered by  a Dual-Core 1.2ghz and
OMAP 4460 processor with 1 GB of Ram and  with a 16 gb storage.
It has a Very Good Camera Resolution.

Hope you find this Information helpful. 🙂

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Smart phone smart phone wanted


There have a lot of Smartphone available in market. All are unique for different styles. You may choose any one for you from there. Here I am adding some information to help your for buy a new Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S

That’s a awesome handset with a large beautiful display monitor. There have 4G function for speedy video or live chat. It has a large touch screen which made it more attractive. There have 5 Megapixel high definition cameras with 4x Zoom capability.

Usually we are not satisfied for the battery charge life. But Samsung Galaxy S will giving you 24 hours charge backup.

Overall that’s a awesome phone in 2012, you may select it to buy.


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Smart phone smart phone wanted


Hi Mr. Bonano,

If you are planning to buy the best and new smart phone the iPhone 4S is what you looking for. For only two hundred dollar you can buy one. When you name of hardware, reliability, software and quality, the iPhone 4S has the best combination of it.

From a 5 mega pixel to 8 mega pixel sensors I sight optics and camera, iPhone has it, with dual core A5 chip, iCloud and IOS 5. It's incredibly simple to use and there is numerous of apps that you will enjoy and will entertain you. It serves not only just a phone however it can also be your iPod too. 

Stanislava Yap

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