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The skype on my pc is taking more time to start up and the sign up process is even more time costing and durign this process no other application runs or to be specific the pc gets considerably slow.

So far I have used it for a while and it was not this bad. Kindly someone tell me what is causing the trouble and also the way to solve it.

Johan Weiz

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If the Skype application makes your computer considerably slow to the point that you can no longer run other applications or running an extra application is really not possible, you need to check your system if you still have enough RAM to run an application.

Usually, if there is no problem with your computer and it runs very well, the only possible reason that can make your machine to behave very poorly is if it doesn’t have enough resources to execute and load other applications.

If you have a very low RAM left, the computer will not be able to load the application much faster because it will need to transfer almost all of the data to the page file and accessing data from a page file is really not that fast compared to RAM.

But, on the other hand, if you have plenty of RAM to execute other programs, try defragmenting your hard drive to improve the data access. It is possible that your hard drive is heavily fragmented that’s why applications eat a lot of time when opening.

Sharath Reddy