Skype For Browsers: Is It Reliable?

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Skype announced that they are developing Skype for browsers.

Can it be as reliable as desktop application?

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This project is still in the process so we cant say how reliable it is in terms of being use as browser,but we can be sure that this app skype web browser is going to be nicely done.It is a joint project between Microsoft and Skype, Microsoft is the one working for this web based Skype.

What we all know from now is that this Skype web based browser will be giving us a rich user interface using HTML5 and Java Script as well as this app will be back up by MIcrosoft which means they will be built from the ground using the newest Microsoft Technologies.

This Skype for Browser will work nicely with just about any standards web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,and Internet Explorer.but it wont probably be available in your smart phone yet.

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Although the project is still in process, we are now somehow able to grasp some idea of how reliable it will be in terms of the descriptions that were being given over the internet about this Web-Based Skype for Browsers that Microsoft is working on.

At the moment, the information given about the said Skype for Browsers is that it will have a rich user interface using HTML5 and JavaScript. Plus, Microsoft's Skype video calling service is apparently going to be added as one of the features on the said project. Also, this web-based version will not require any plug-ins to run.

So, as far as the techy guys out there are concerned, this just means that this "plug-in free" version that’s built entirely on web standards would make web-based Skype calls possible for not just desktop browsers, but any Metro-based tablets as well, making it sure that it will result in a more satisfactory user experience.

With all these information given, we can now raise our hopes that it will be "as" reliable, or even "more" reliable as the Skype Desktop application.

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