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Hi everyone,

My system issue is all about internet browsing. My computer cannot browse to any site.

I posted below  the  error ,while I was loading to site

Internet Explorer

E­­ is not responding

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…

I also try to connect to another site, same thing it will not load. I checked on my internet connection its UP and running.

I restarted the computer, when it rebooted to Windows XP home, I tried again surfing, same issue, site is not responding,

I checked on my LAN connection to the router, its well connected. I even got an I.P address from the DHCP server.

Please help me isolate this internet problem.

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Causes of this problem might include:

1. Add-on

2. Virus

3. Corrupted Files

4. Do the following to fix your problem:

5. Use Windows Update to install the latest updates on your computer. This will give your Internet Explorer all the updates that are needed to work properly.

6. Find possible solutions to the problem by navigating the Control Panel - System and Maintenance - Problem Reports and Solutions

7. Choose Check for new solutions.

8. Use Antispyware programs regularly. Scan your computer by using Windows Defender.

9. Make your anti-virus software is updated.

10. Find and delete suspicious add-ons.

11. Remove temporary Internet files.

I hope this helps.

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Sometimes Internet Explorer will tend to lock up or freeze and may not respond. Internet Explorer might be the root cause of the problem, so you might want to try fixing it for you to be able to surf the web.  Here's how:

  1. Click Start button, click on Run, in the searchbox, enter msconfig. Then, a list of programs will appear, these programs are enabled when your computer is turned on. You must disable the programs with the exception of your anti-virus and firewall. Next is restart your computer.
  2. Press on Ctrl+Alt+Del to activate the Task Manager. Then, from the list of programs, locate iexplorer.exe and click on it. Next, click on End TAsk. If it doesn't exit your Internet Explorer, then proceed to the next step.
  3. Click Start, find and click Settings, then click on the Control Panel.
  4. Next, click the Add/Remove Programs. Find the icon of Internet Explorer and double-click it. Click Internet Tools, then Repair Internet Explorer, and click OK. Now, Microsoft Windows will do scanning of your Internet Explorer to fix it of any errors.
  5. Open your My Computer, locate your C: Drive and right-click it, click Defragment. Sometimes the hard drive misplaces the program data which will result to unresponsive software. So you need to defrag your D: Drive, as well as the others.
  6. Click on Start, then restart your computer and repeat the step 4 process.
  7. Browse your Internet Explorer.

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You can check your date and time of your computer whether it is correct or not.

Then check any site hope it will help you.