Shadowing in my brand new ASUS LCD Monitor

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Shadowing LCD monitor, how does it happen?

I just bought a brand new 14" ASUS LCD monitor but once I installed and opened it. I noticed that there's a shadow at the right side of the screen. After seeing it, I immediately turned off my computer to checked if its the problem and I put it in a rest. After a while, I turned it on again to see if I fix the problem but its not. So I checked the cable at the back of the CPU if its correctly connected and its fine. I removed all the possible application that caused the shadowing of my monitor and I even check my new monitor if the display button is adjusted correct and its also fine. How does it happen?

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Shadowing in my brand new ASUS LCD Monitor


Hi Cylysce,

First check that display drivers are correctly is installed. If not then reinstall the drivers correctly. Also make sure that the monitor is placed vertically with your eyes.  In ASUS monitor the problem is occurred if it is not placed vertically with your eyes.

                Make sure that you are using your monitor in correct native resolution. Native resolution is very important in every monitor. Every monitor has a native resolution. For selecting it, go to the start menu and type ‘screen resolution’ in the search bar. Then click on adjust screen resolution. Then set the native resolution from there.

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Shadowing in my brand new ASUS LCD Monitor


Do you check your monitor on another computer and is it working properly at that computer. If it is working alright in that computer then it may be a problem in your computer and it will be mostly i your VGA card problem. But in case you did not check it on another computer then you can check it on your computer also.

To check you screen you can take these steps.

  • Right click on your desktop and click on properties.
  • Now go to you Desktop tab and here you have to do this.
  • Select none form your Background.
  • And change the color of your background to WHITE.
  • Now apply these settings and see your screen.

If the screen is now giving some shadow if it is giving some shadow then you can reset your LCD monitor settings and it will solve your problem. Mostly LCD's contain a reset button and you can press it to reset your monitor and it will work fine.

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