Setting up BIOS and CMOS.

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I am slightly confused about BIOS and CMOS set up.

Please let me know how to inter the set up of BIOS and CMOS?

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Setting up BIOS and CMOS.



There have a lot of manufacturing company in word for manufacture PC and every manufacturing company try to use their unique symbol and coding system in their invention.

Example : “Esc” for maximum Toshiba systems, “F1” for Toshiba systems and maximum using Phoenix BIOS , “F10” for maximum Compaq systems, “F2” for maximum NEC systems, “Ctrl-Alt-Enter” for maximum Dell systems, “Ctrl-Alt-?” for maximum IBM PS/2s, “Ctrl-Alt-Esc” for maximum Award BIOS, “Ctrl-Alt-Ins” and “Ctrl-Alt-S” for maximum Phoenix BIOS,

Most of PC manufacturing company uses same polices for enter in BIOS or CMOS setup. Mainly F1 , ESC, F2, DEL, F10 keys are used for entering in BIOS setup page of anyone’s PC. These keys when a user see a text such as Press <DEL> to enter BIOS setup.


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Setting up BIOS and CMOS.


Hi Heather Abreu,

There are different way of Entering BIOS and CMOS.

Most of the computers will allow you to enter CMOS by pressing the following keys:






The user will know what and when to press when the message come saying.

Press F1 to enter BIOS set up.


If your computer is new and you don't know what to press kindly press one or more keys which will cause computer get stuck and it will give you an option to put BIO set up.

BIOS commonly used


When using ACER BIOS press F10 and you will hear beep and the setting will be set.


Older AMI BIOS could be restored by going back to bootable setting by pressing and holding INSERT key as computer is booting.

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