Set up Harmony Remote directly to my Favorites

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I am just a newbie and I need some help regarding my harmony remote. I would like to program my harmony remote in the sense that if I press the button, it will go straight to my Xebec favorites. Can somebody please help me how to edit the xml files into it? Also, when I tried watching a movie, I pressed the numeric buttons in my harmony remote but nothing happened. I am using an ATV 2 and Xbox built on ATV 2 on July 2011.

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Set up Harmony Remote directly to my Favorites


Hallo Matthew Moore,

To access the xebec favorites on your harmony, you will just have to go to the harmony remote software and the under option 1, select the activities tab, and then under option 2, select the option labeled 'watch TV, click options', and thereafter under option 3 select the 'set up favorite channels and follow the online instructions' options.

Once you have set up the xebec favorite’s channel, you will see a favorite’s button at the lower end of the remote screen in the 'watch TV' section. You will just need to select to use favorites by pressing the option given for the favorite’s button, and then select a channel by pressing a button associated with that particular channel.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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