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When I am using Server Management Console in Small Business Server 2003, I encounter some problems. When I am clicking on a user to change the permission a wizard will come and permission can be changed through that wizard. But now, when I am clicking next in the wizard, the server was waiting for some time and getting disappeared after that without giving any error messages. If anybody knows the solution to this problem, please help me. I will be thankful for all your help.

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This is a timeout issue on your server.

  1. Either your server is not responding to certain queries or it is down due to some problem.
  2. As far as I can see after reading your post it has nothing to do with your software. There is something wrong with the server.
  3. First you have to make the timeout a bit longer. Go to settings and increase the length of the timeout.
  4. once done, go to your server and restart it. Run few basic things to see if it is responding well.
  5. Once done, ping your server from the CMD.
  6. If it is unreachable then you have to contact the server hosting and ask them to solve it.
  7. But if it is reachable and is giving reply then you can use it with your server.

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Hello Michelle Bang. I made the server timeout longer and i found the server breaks sometime. anyway after going through the process the problem is solved now. Thank you and thanks techyv.