SeekDroid application for my computer

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Good day.

I am seriously considering getting the SeekDroid app for my computer.

I find it cheap, and I have read great reviews about it.

But before I actually buy the app, I need to know how much RAM it will take up when I run SeekDroid in the background and how much CPU usage it will cost my computer.

I also want to know if these numbers are the average should I run it everyday or only when SD is activated remotely.

I hope you can give the answers I need.

Thank you.

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SeekDroid application for my computer


SeekDroidis not intended to be used and installed on a personal desktop computer.

SeekDroid is used and installed on a phone that has an Android 2.2 and only needs about 136 KB of memory after installation.

This application helps you to track down your phone in case it got stolen or went missing.

It will allow you to track or find your phone from anywhere in the world. It will also allow you to see your phone on a map while tracking. You can also wipe the entire phone including the SD card remotely. You can set off an audible alarm even if it is on silent. You can remotely enable the phone’s GPS.

You can lock the phone with your own custom code. You can retrieve recent calls. You can also disable the application from being uninstalled.

SeekDroidrequires Android 2.2 or higher. For additional information about SeekDroid,

Visit Mobile Fun Download.

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