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Now a day’s there's a lot of mobile phone has been produce in the market.

How you can make sure that most of the items are secure to use?

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Mobile phones are highly used today because it makes communication more accessible to the people. But there are studies that are showing that mobile phones are not secure to use. They found out that long personal exposure to this type of devices can be carcinogenic to humans.

They found evidences that usage of mobile phone can cause glicoma and acoustic brain cancer. This is because mobile phones are emitting radiation when connecting to the network specially when calling.

Mobile phone manufacturers suggested that consumers must limit the usage of mobile phones and keep far from their body to minimize the exposure from the radiation. They also found out when there is weak signal the phone is releasing more radiation in order to connect to the network , so users need to avoid using this devices on elevators, tunnels, building and rural areas.

As what we can see, we cannot totally eliminate the use of mobile phone because of the wide advantage we can get from it.

All we can do is decrease our usage, be more cautious and use it only as it is needed.