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Author: Bruce Norway
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I have an SD card that I am using for a while in my digital camera. It used to work perfectly but lately it is causing some trouble. Windows is showing my memory card as corrupted. Kindly someone help me overcome this problem.

Bruce Norway.

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The performance and usability of your SD card depend on its brand. How stable and reliable it would be. SD card gets corrupted for no certain reason.

For now, you just try and recover all the files on your SD card. Use a file recovery tool to retrieve all the content and then you can reformat the SD card after.

Here are some of the softwares you can use:

Zero Assumption Recoveray or ZAR - 

TestDisk and PhotoRec -

CardRecovery -

To avoid the same issue, try backing up the content of your SD card then format it once in a while. Also, get a much reliable SD card.

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I suggest that you download memory card recovery software. This will help you recover your corrupted Files.

First go to Then Download the software. It will not take long for you to download it unless you have a slow internet connection. When the download is done, you may now begin the installation. Once the installation is successful, you can now begin recovering your corrupted files.

Connect the USB of your camera to the computer. There are instances when the camera is not detected or seen when you go to "My computer". You may need to use a memory card reader for SD. Once it is detected in the computer, you can now begin the receiving of your files. All you have to do is follow the instructions seen in the software. It is just an easy step by step process which you can follow.