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When I launched the Inbox Repair Tool to repair my Outlook PST, I received a Fatal Error and the repair suddenly stops. When I attempt to do the repair again, I got the same error until I could not be able to access my .pst file. I was unable to repair it and now I cannot open it anymore. What can I do now?

Resolve error "scanpst.exe fails with Fatal Error: 80040818"

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Hi Natalie,

You can try a couple of fixes for the error. You can first try to use a PST Crop tool to change or reduce the size of the file. The file may be too big for the application to scan. Make sure to do a back up first before you use PST Crop tool.

You can also try to repair it by first moving it to a computer with older version of Microsoft Outlook.

You can also try to use a third party tool to repair the file. The application will run a scanning algorithm to repair the corrupted pst file.