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Why I cant access my storage even if my device is connected ? Is there something that I need to use to be able to access my storage?

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You are having a problem connecting your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer using a USB cable. I think you forgot to check if you already installed your phone’s software to the computer.

In order for the computer to recognize your mobile phone, you need first to install the phone’s application to the computer. I’m sure your phone comes with a CD inside the box.

The disc contains your Samsung Galaxy’s computer application and this is the one you need to install on the computer. Without it you will not be able to connect and synchronize your phone to the computer.

Just insert the installer disc into the CD/DVD drive of your machine and the installer will automatically load. Just follow the onscreen instructions. After the installation, connect your phone to the computer using its USB cable.

The computer will now detect your mobile phone. Open your phone’s application in the computer and there you can now manage the contents of your phone through the computer and transfer different files between the devices.

Sharath Reddy

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This type of problem is very common and easy to resolve. You might be a new user of this phone. You need to know the settings of your phone first. 

1. Connect the USB cable for your phone to your PC. 

2. After you have successfully connected, open the Settings folder in your phone. 

3. In settings, go to the Connections tab. 

4. There you can view the USB connection tab. 

5. Click the USB Connection > Connect to PC for mass storage. 


After doing this, your phone will be identified by the computer and you can transfer your files easily.