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Interesting Samsung Galaxy S III would make on top this year because of its affordable cost and high tech features like iPhone, but how does this phone Galaxy S III be in demand in the market soon?

Does this Samsung Galaxy S III has built-in anti-virus and what are those anti-virus application was in that device?

Galaxy S III

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The Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone, also known as "iPhone Killer", is believed to have a Samsung Exynos 4212 processor at 1.8 GHz. It's also 5 times faster than its Mali-400 MP chip of its processor. It is a very smart and compatible phone for humans, it allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously, multi-tasking process and playing games. I am sure that it will be in demand in the market soon, because people in earth looks for a phone like this one. The phone is very intelligent, it knows what you want, it does what you want them to do. The price is cheaper than iPhone 4S. Samsung Galaxy S III offers great apps using the latest Android OS, Ice Cream sandwich.

We know that Security is one of the biggest concern when it comes to smartphones because we carry valuable personal data in our phones so security and anti-theft protection are necessary. Norton Mobile Security Lite secures your mobile devices from malware, theft and loss. For more anti-viruses for your mobile devices visit:

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For me, this a great phone. It is very smart, and it has a good price for all the features it has. 

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Hi Gordon,

Yes, the Galaxy S III is going to be on of the best electronic product in this year. It has some unique features as well as some other popular ones. The android OS helps to get some wonderful apps to install. But no, there is no such built in antivirus in it, you can download it for free from net.


Jackson Paul