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Samsung is going to launch its new mobile Galaxy Blaze which is going to come into market from T-mobile. I want to know what features and specifications it provides.

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Hello Mam Tiffany, 

Upon researching about your questions here are some details that I provided for you to help you get your answers. Samsung Galaxy Blaze Full Spec:

Samsung Galaxy Blaze Features and specification

Hope that I did help you have a nice day.

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Hello Mam Tiffany,

Here I am providing you the key features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Blaze mobile.

To speed up its operating system bears1.5 Hz dual-core processor and it is 4G enabled speeds. For your entertainment it includes a 3.9 inch screen. It has the capability to direct you with voice talk.

Key specifications:

1. Its carrier is T-Mobile.

2. Its platform is an android.

3. 39 inch wide display size.

4. Its camera supports high resolution which is 5.0 Megapixel.

Thanks for your question.