Runtime error ’11’. division by zero.

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I have a project called editing some logos. At first i can edit much as I can.

But this time I encountered the error message and keep on popping it. I don't know what cause the error was.

I already look for the theme. ini but nothing seems to be the answer of my error.

Anyone please help.

I have a windows 7 and running fast.


Run-time error ‘11’.

Division by zero


Thanks guys for helping in advance!

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Runtime error ’11’. division by zero.


Hi Brenanpeet,

A Run-Time error 11 is caused from irregularities in the programming code where it tries to divide with a divisor of zero, but we all know that we cannot divide by zero, and therefore causing this error. One of the reasons as to why this is happening could be due to some conflicting issues with other programs that are running at the same time. To fix this simply open up your task manager and end all other programs that aren't needed. If the error still occurs then it is probably a software problem. Make sure that you search the software developer's website if there are any issues such as the one you are experiencing. If there is then download and install the necessary path or update. If this still does not solve your problem, uninstall then reinstall the software.

Some run time errors occur because some plug-in or add-on are needed for it to run smoothly. Make sure that you have everything that you need to run the program and nothing is missing. A possible cause could also be due to a virus that is messing up your system settings. To get rid of the virus, simply install a capable anti-virus and scan your whole computer.


If all else fails and you have ruled out the possibility of all the options listed above, most likely your problem is a hardware memory problem. If switching with another memory card does not work it is recommended that you seek a professional to repair your computer.

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Runtime error ’11’. division by zero.



The following steps can help you. Please try them. 

1. Click start.

2. Go to Setting > Control Panel.

3. Click Display.

4. Click the Settings tab under Display > Advanced. 

5. Click Monitor >  Change the screen refresh rate to lowest hertz. 

6. Click Ok. 

Now restart the computer once. This problem should be resolved. If it still persists then there should be a hardware problem, for which you call a computer engineer to get it resolved. Best of Luck. 

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