Run-time error – 440. Automation error

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I have Windows XP Professional SP 2  workstation with 70 GB of currently free available High drive space and a RAM of 2 GB.
I installed a software named Malewarebytes' Anti-Malware.
The software was working fine till last night.
Today when I started the software I get the below mentioned error.
Run-time error -'440': Automation error
Kindly help me restore my software to previously working state.
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Run-time error – 440. Automation error



To fix the problem, do the following:

Runtime errors are caused by browser add-ons in many cases. So, first of all delete all the add-ons from your browser by going Tools and manage add-ons.

Secondly, run a complete virus scan to remove all malware from your computer.

Last of all, you have to remember Runtime Error 440 means your Windows registry. Whenever you install or uninstall a program, a signature' of that action gets registered in the Windows registry. So many combinations of records overlap each other, especially bad installation. It gives you a broken registry. So, try to keep your machine free from broken registry.

If you do all above mentioned tasks, you should have no problem.



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Run-time error – 440. Automation error


Hello Anna,

To resolve that issue, you will have to download GMER Antirootkit.

Just click on Download EXE and then save it to your Desktop.

After you have done that you will need to do the following:

  • You will need to disconnect from the internet and after that turn off all active protection so that your security program drivers will not conflict with gmer's driver
  • After that you will need to double-click Gmer.exe in order to run the program.
  • And then you will click the "Rootkit" Tab, and after go to the right-side and then check all the items that need to be scanned, but leave "Show All" unchecked
  • You will need to choose all drives which have been connected to your system to be scanned, and then click the Scan button
  • Once the scan is finished, you will need to click Copy in order to save the scan log to the Windows clipboard
  • After that you will open Notepad or a similar text editor, and then paste the clipboard contents into a text file by clicking Edit | Paste or Ctl V
  • Thereafter you will Save the gmer scan log and then close Gmer.
  • After that you will open a command prompt :Start >> run >> type cmd and hit Enter.

    • Type or paste the following to unload the gmer driver: net stop gmer
    • And then press  Enter
    • Exit the command prompt.
  • And then re-enable all active protection.



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