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Can anyone help with an error code 200368 on my computer?

It says that the specified route cannot be satisfied because the hardware does not support it.

How can I change the terminal/route so it can be supported by my device? 

Thank you!

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Hi Chesley,

The error happens because the hardware is limited and signals cannot be routed to all terminals. You might be trying to input/output a signal on a terminal/route that is not supported by your device. Check the hardware documentation and/or max for valid signal routing on your device. And then, changing of terminal/route  might be needed or  adjusting the specification for signal reading.  To determine what signal routing allows refer to Measurement Automation Explorers.  Take this steps:

 1.  My system (highlight your hardware)

 2.  Device & Interface

 3. NIDAQmxdevice

 4. right panel Route tab

  green routes- means  direct routes that are wired on the device

  yellow routes- means indirect routes  and subsystem is used

  white routes- means  routes are not available on the device. Just be sure that the route you are using is not white.