Requirement of hardware for installing

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I am planning to install vcenter server 4.1 so i want to know the minimum requirements for installing it .

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Requirement of hardware for installing



As your planning to install vCenter Server 4.1 the computer on which your installing it must satisfy the  minimum requirements which are  listed here, to ensure the acceptable performance.

  • The processor must be Intel or AMD 64 bit processor with dual core and a speed of about  2 GHz or more
  • The physical memory should be atleast 3gb and the disk space should be atleast 2 gb for installation

The hardware requirements can be varied depending on how it can be deployed. It can be installed only on 64 bit versions of  windows  XP Pro with service pack 2, Windows 2003 server with service pack 1 and Windows 2008 server platforms you cannot install on 32 bit version of windows operating system.

Before installing you must create a database and configure it for storing of data. The configuration procedures are different for IBM and MS SQL server. After configuration of database make sure that it can be remotely accessible .

These are the minimum steps you should be aware of before you go ahead and install 

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Requirement of hardware for installing


You need to have following requirement to install vCenter server

1. processor – X86 (32bit ) or 64bit processor ( Intel,AMD ) with two or more logical cores.

( ex in intel -dual core, core 2 duo, quad core.,core i series ) and each core speed is 2.0 GHz is Optimus

2. RAM – 3GB or more

3. Disk Space – 2GB or more ( most probably you will need more than 2 GB, 2GB is the minimum

4. Microsoft SQL 2005 express edition disk requirements also needed.

5. 1Gbps Ethernet is recommended.

Ps – vCenter server 4.1  will not support  32 bit operating systems


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