Repetitive Errors using Delphi 2010

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My mostly used Delphi 2010 application suddenly stuck with a system error $C0000008 (invalid file handle) when I tried to create a TFileStream. So I made a little test code that is no more than a button handler: TFileStream.Create (c:temptestfile.tmp)

But it also crashed with system error $C0000008. I can easily access the created folder and files. I can run the code easily outside the IDE or with integral debugging turned off. I remember very well that I did not make any changes to Delphi or the OS (Vista 32-bit).

I don’t like to make uninstall or reinstall attempt now if any investigation needed. I look forward to your assistance on this problem. Thanks.


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Repetitive Errors using Delphi 2010


Dear Meira Flores

This error may occur prior to Windows update or virus scanner. Since the problem is under the debugger only, it would probably be caused by the antivirus software. Try to switch the antivirus program off and try again, I think u'll find no problem. This is because the antivirus has something like live monitoring of the file system activity. Since programs using the debugger API try to control other programs, they seem to be of some suspect by definition as by injecting dlls into running processes or hooking API calls or any other virus-like activity which give the antivirus the potential of affecting that operation while it's a perfect legit program.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck

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