Removing Battery while using the Laptop/Notebooks

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How true is it that removing the battery of a laptop or notebooks and directly plugging the unit into a power source is better and good than putting on the battery and plugging it into a power source?


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Removing Battery while using the Laptop/Notebooks


Hello Raquel.

Most laptops now come with Li-Ion battery packs. These batteries provide several hours of power for years if properly care for.  Li-ion battery packs have internal control circuitry that automatically regulates the charging current. It gets the full charging current when the current charge is very low and slowly lessens the current as the battery approaches its full capacity. Once the battery reaches "full" status, the charging current is not totally turned off and therefore switches to "trickle" charging. 

Although this trickle current is extremely low, it can still cause damage to the battery by overcharging the cells if left on too long.  Another enemy of Li-ion battery packs is heat. Heat builds up during the initial charge when the battery has less than 80% charge.

Based on the above info, it is indeed better to remove the laptop battery when it is already on full charge. Either that or just disconnect the charger and run on batteries until it needs charging again. Removing the battery also prevents it from getting exposed to heat from the laptop. As mentioned above, heat is one of the factors that accelerate Li-ion battery degradation.


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