Remove all properties info from images

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Remove all properties info from images

I have loads of images and these images have the info of which camera i used and which dates i took them and many have the locations as well. I need to erase all such info from the images

What are the easy ways to do this on a Windows system and a way on MAC OS

I need ways with a tool and i know we have some manual methods to do this as well

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Remove all properties info from images



Some cameras records and puts the date and other info in the photo. You can easily remove these from photos without any pro skills. Just follow the steps –

1. First download Inpaint.

2. Open the photo with info or water mark in Inpaint.

3. Use "Marker tool" and select the water mark or info areas. You can also choose the magic wand tool and select the water mark with just one click.

4. Now at last run the restoration process by clicking "erase" button. Inpaint will erase the info from the image.

Hope it helps!


Wagner Desantiago

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Remove all properties info from images


It’s easy to remove information from your images, just follow these simple steps:

For Windows

· First, transfer all the images that you want your information to be erased in one folder, it’s not necessary but it will make the process a lot easier.

· Select them all, right click and select “Properties”.

· Select the tab that says “Details”, and click on “Remove Properties and Personal Information”.

· If you desire to delete all possible information, just click “OK” to create a set of duplicates identical in every way but not including the identifying information.

· If you’d somewhat choose which information to keep and which to remove, select “Remove the following properties from this file” at the upper and then scroll down below the list to select the details you want to delete, and then click “OK”. This does not create a duplicate.


The “save as” trick is the easiest way I know to do it. Here’s what you do, open an image in Preview, save it as PNG, then save it back to JPEG or the other way around. Metadata gone.

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Remove all properties info from images


What you want to remove the properties of an image is called metadata. There is a lot of software to remove this meta data. And remove all the data like dates when it was taken or file names from the camera or any data that will be used to traced anything. This link removing metadata slack will remove all those data that you want. 

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Remove all properties info from images

  1. Right click on the selected images to remove their properties.
  2. Select properties on your PC.
  3. Open details bar from properties.
  4. Click on Remove properties and personal information as shown in the image.
  5. Check the remove following properties from the list.
  6. Select all or check all options that you want to remove from your selected images.
  7. Then move your mouse and click on ok.

This procedure will erase all the properties of your desired images.

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