Recommendations and Reviews on CyberScrub Privacy Suite Software

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Hello experts! Could you please provide me with brief and honest Cyberscrub software reviews? I just want to know if it's really a recommended privacy tool. 

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Recommendations and Reviews on CyberScrub Privacy Suite Software



Hi Hay,

CyberScrub is privacy software which is used to delete all the activity that is performed online such as pictures, newsgroups, history, chats, e-mails, P2P apps, ect. This tool securely deletes all the files. This tool is mainly used by many federal agencies.

It is so handy that it is also used to encrypt the data that is sent online so that it can prevent unauthorized access of the confidential data. One of the key advantages of this tool is that it also supports MS office. And it can also be used to schedule programs to run at a specified time. All these are an added advantage to the tool that makes users go for it. This tool is so advanced that it also removes all the data that is written on your HDD which Is an Outcome of frequent surfing of the websites that contain illegal content or unsecure content. The software provides immense protection to you by removing all the evidence that could tell you visited the sites online, any history and activity will be removed.

This tool deletes the online activity files from your computer, and there is also software that comes in handy that can be used to recover these deleted files.  It protects your computer from unauthorized personal to snoop and fiddle with the data on hand and also protects very valuable data that is stored like passwords and also bank statements and other valuable information. There is also another tool called the risk monitor, this alerts you when it detects that your piracy is at risk.

This software is so robust that all the users flock in to install the software on board, and it also has a inbuilt help file that helps the new comers to get used to the abilities and the navigation through the software. Overall in a scale rating from 1 to 5, I would rate the software at 4.0

So there it goes, four (4.0) stars for the software, CyberScrub. You can download the same from a mighty ocean of websites online for free.

Bell Keny

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