Realmon.exe – The application failed to initialize properly

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Last week I bought my new anti-virus e-Trust. It is pretty good compared with Avira free addition. The anti-virus was running good except it's showing the error messages from yesterday, containing "The application failed to initialize properly" with a caption of "realmon.exe". I am in real danger since I afraid it may cause my PC security disrupt. If you have any idea or solution regarding it please let me know.

Error code: 1142

Error code: 1142



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Realmon.exe – The application failed to initialize properly


Some viruses made their name to realmon.exe it is the possibility that this is the realmon.exe your computer is starting up. It's a good thing you have already asked for solutions.

Solution 1

You can always reinstall the realmon.exe file that you have in your drivers for the motherboard. Then it should work fine as long as it is installed. Don't forget to reboot after install to see if it worked.

Solution 2

Try an operating system repair just to make sure. It is better to be safe that sorry. Then scan your whole system and reboot it, then see if the problem still exist.

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