Raspberry Pi run in Windows?

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Now that Raspberry Pi is out in the market, it has used Linux as its OS, are there any chances that it will also be available in the market with a Windows OS?

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Raspberry Pi run in Windows?


Hello Christopher Jay.

I've been reading up on Raspberry Pi and it supports a lot of Linux operating systems.  It's recommended distro is Fedora but any other Linux distro for the ARM processor can be used.  Fedora, Debian and ArchLinux are already supported while Ubuntu still cannot commit that it will support the Raspberry Pi.

Windows 8 will be having an ARM version so there is some hope that it can run on the Raspberry Pi.  However, the creators of Raspberry Pi have stated in their site's FAQ that support from Microsoft is necessary for them to be able to port Windows 8 to work on the Raspberry Pi.  Unfortunately, they are not partnered with Microsoft.

There's a better chance that Android will run on the Pi since it is open source and if someone from the Android community can make it run on the 256 MB of memory available on the Raspberry Pi then it is possible for Android to run on the Pi.

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