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What is a computer and what are the functions and capabilities of it?

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A computer is a machine where you can compose data and you are capable to save this data into your computer.There are many type of softwares with which you are always able to write down what you can think.The computer has been invented instead of typewriter.You can save a file with scanned photo in your computer for a long time.You can also telephone anywhere in the world by computer with internet connection regular.You are able to send e-mail by your computer within 5 minutes worldwide.You can submit an application for the job via internet.

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Computer is a device used for many ways. It can store data and processing information, typically used binary character form.

It is a machine programmed to do something for a specific purpose. It is designed to automatically performed it's job in sequenced and arithmetic ways in logical forms of operations.

It is made up of 3 essential parts, namely CPU-Central Processing Unit, Keyboards and Monitor. All has it's own functions and usage that execute the series of instructions was told to do so.

Early computers has limitations but as days passed by, computer now are evolving. It's getting smarter and easier way to use. You can store larger files compare to older personal computers.

In my eyes, computer is part of life.

Sharath Reddy