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Hello Guys,

I wanted to know the difference between the two new added pack of macros in Toad Data Modeler version 4.1 Library.

Do you think these two additions (Rename Objects Pack and Productivity Pack Macros) have relevant benefits to hard core users of this database in creating HTML or RTF reports?

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My comparative discussion may be help you to learn about the differences between Rename Objects Pack and Productivity Pack Macros. Two of this are Toad data modelers tools have some basic features and different working process.

Hope you can find out the differences.

Rename objects pack

In Toad data modeler, you can rename objects in your models.

Can use it’s refactoring utility, it helps you to change names in the other properties.

As a example- it’s help you create to SQL code in Triggers.

You can also stored it’s procedures with it.

Visit for more -

Productivity pack Macros

This Toad data modelers macros help you to increase your productivity.