PS2 keyboard connector problem of my desktop computer

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I have a desktop computer. The motherboard is Intel Desktop Board D101GGC.

Suddenly my keyboard was not working which is PS2.

I have changed the keyboard and tying to used a new keyboard, but same problem happens.

What should I do?

I don't want to use USB keyboard.

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PS2 keyboard connector problem of my desktop computer


PS2 Keyboard Connector Problem

I understand the need of not using a USB keyboard. I think that it is more expensive than the PS2 mouse. One more thing that I have encountered in using the USB keyboard is the problem on entering the bios set-up or the CMOS set-up.

If you really don’t want to use a USB keyboard which is the best solution I think. I still have two options for you to offer to fix your problem.

Extract your PS2 keyboard connector from your Motherboard. This option need to have soldering technique knowledge. But before you begin removing the PS2 keyboard connector, you must find an old motherboard board or a Motherboard that is not already working and get the PS2 keyboard connector from it to use as a replacement for your motherboard’s PS2 keyboard connector. Solder the extracted PS2 keyboard connector from the old Motherboard to your Motherboard. Solder with caution because there are so many tiny electronic component you may damage during soldering.

The second option is to purchase a PS2 to USB adapter. This device may cost estimated from 2 to 5 dollars. This will serve as a bridge from your PS2 device (mouse and keyboard) to the USB port of your computer. An alternative way to bypass or not to use the PS2 sockets.

Connect the adapter to your desktop computer’s USB port and on the PS2 connector of the adapter, connect your keyboard or mouse In replacement of your keyboard connector in your Motherboard.

Figure 1. PS2 to USB adapter

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PS2 keyboard connector problem of my desktop computer


You will need diagnose the problems with the keyboard as follows:

When you are using windows, you will need to start Microsoft Keyboard Diagnostics as follows:

  • On your computer, you will click Start, and then click All Programs, and then click Accessories, followed by Run.
  • You will see an Open box next, and in it you will have to type mskey, and then click OK.

But in case you are using Windows XP:

  • You will click on Start, and then click Run.
  • Next you will need to type mskey in the Open box.
  • And then click OK.

The you will need to press various keys to verify that the pressed keys match the keys identified in the MS Key window, and then when you have finished that you will click Exit.

In case you do not get a response in MS Key from your keyboard, then you will need to test the keyboard on a different computer, and if it does not work from there, you might need to replace it.

-Clair Charles


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