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I have to produce a report. I want to do it by filemaker pro. What are the pros and cons of file maker pro?

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In generating reports one has to deal with large amount of data mostly not determinable at the start and thus on important thing to consider is scale.

File maker pro is highly scalable which can start as a simple functional database and expand to a fully relational and scripted database system. Secondly the FileMaker pro can integrate with other software through ODBC connectivity and using SQL, as well it can import or export data from or to MS Excel and text files.

Lastly on pros you can store reports as MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or as PDF files. Though FileMaker pro is limited to 2 Terabytes of data and in ODBC you can only select up to 170 fields at a time from a FileMaker database file.

As well in ODBC update is limited to 100 fields at a time.