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I have Skype and Yahoo Messenger applications installed in my computer but I feel like these applications are already getting redundant. What are the advantages or disadvantages between these two messenger accounts?

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Some of the difference between Skype and Yahoo Messenger :

1. Skype can automatically save chatting conversations, no need to do the setup or anything. History conversations from last 30 days can be accessed easily. If you need to gather some information in the chat conversation history, you can find in show message from facility.

2. Skype windows appearance is look more professional

3. Chat using Skype between computers have very clear result. Quality for chat using Skype is same as using VOIP phone. The point plus using Skype that we can really see and explain about the topic, just like video call feature (with less price)

4. Capability to send file in Skype is more easier than in Yahoo Messenger

That’s some point for the advantages using Skype than Yahoo Messenger but I’m still keep them both,  since most of friends and relatives  still using Yahoo Messenger.