Programs for fixing volume errors of Disk

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Hello Techyv Experts,

I am using Windows 7 and my system is showing Disk Volume error, whenever I run system maintenance,

Is there any programs for fixing volume errors,

Please guide me.

Emma Marie

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Programs for fixing volume errors of Disk


Hello Emma Marie. Microsoft Windows has built in program utilities which you can use in fixing the disk volume error. You can run the program yourself, but before you do, be sure that you will not be needing your computer for anything important. Scanning for the error may take anything from a few minutes to several hours.The first solution is as follows:


1) Click on the "Start" symbol, then go to the Accessories folder.

2) Right-click on the "Command Prompt" icon and click on "Run as Administrator" from the dropdown menu that subsequently appears. A small window with a black background should open. On the top left of the window, you will see the words " Administrator: Command Prompt".

4) Inside the window, you will see this prompt. "C:Windowssystem32>". Type the word "chkdsk /r" right after the ">" symbol.

4) Press enter key.

5) If for some reason, some files are in use by your computer, you will not be able to perform this operation. If that is the case, you will see something like this:


Y is yes and N is no. If you type Y and press enter, you will be instructing the computer to perform a disk check once it is re-started.

6) Restart your computer immediately for checkdisk to take effect.


1) Click "Start"

2) Click "Computer"

3) Right-Click on Local Disk (C:) and a drop down menu will appear.

4) Select "Properties" from the drop down menu.

5) Select the "Tools" tab.

6) Under error-checking, click on the "Check now' button.

7) Upon clicking "Check now", an option box will appear. Place check marks beside "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".

8) Click "Start"

9) Most likely, you will get a "Windows can't check the disk while it's in use" message. Click "Schedule disk check".

10) Re-start your computer for disk checking to take effect.

If you want a most credible solution, take it from the horse's mouth instead. Visit the Microsoft website for official solutions from their support engineers.

I hope I was able to help you with your problem.

Have a nice day.

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Programs for fixing volume errors of Disk


Run an SFC scan in your system to find bad sectors and troubleshoot other problem with the disk:


1)  Open elevated command prompt i.e. Go to All Programs > Accessories > Right Click on the command prompt option and choose to run as administrator. 

Note: Enter Administrator password if asked and click OK to proceed.

2) Type sfc/scannow and hit enter. A message will flash on the screen saying Beginning system scan. The process will take some time. 

3) Wait till the process completes and thereafter, restart your computer. 


That will, most probably solve/fixes disk error problems. Good luck in advance though!!

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